Healthy Active Lifestyle 4 Pillars

Healthy active lifestyle activities take different shapes and forms to target the needs of different customer audiences. Make sure you choose a format, length and intensity that fits the needs of your customers. Keep it FUN, SIMPLE and MAGICAL. It is important to remember that fitness has different components, and different sports and exercises are needed to develop each of these.


Easy exercises require low intensity and supports your physical flexibility. Examples are dancing, walking, yoga*, aerobics*, pilates*, tai-chi* etc. that can be done anytime, anywhere. Flexibility refers to the ability to bend without injury and is dependent on the elasticity of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Spending 10-15 minutes each day focused on stretching is great for relieving stress and improving your overall flexibility, as will practicing yoga*, pilates* or tai chi* regularly. Stretching helps you avoid injury. Training with tight muscles can lead to serious injury and muscle tears.


Fast sports get your heart rate up and improves your cardiovascular fitness over time. They generally involve large muscle groups and speed. Good examples include power walking, running, cycling, swimming*, dancing, boxing*, jump rope, aerobics* / calisthenics and circuit training*. Fast exercises push your cardiovascular system, including your heart and lungs, to work harder to provide extra oxygen to your working muscles. High-impact exercises can also take a toll on your bones and joints.


Strength exercises increase your body’s muscle mass and improve your body’s ability to work against resistance. Performing strength-based moves will help to increase your lean body mass when combined with good nutrition.


Powerful sports refers to high performance and professional athletes who have a different exercise routine. It requires endurance based exercise to reach the professional goal.

Endurance-based exercise is great for burning fat, reducing stress and improving your cardiovascular fitness level. Muscular endurance is important for success in competitive sports.

* Certain activities can only be conducted by suitably qualified instructors. Ensure that you comply with local regulations. Be mindful that the scope of your insurance coverage should cover the activities conducted.
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